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Need to post this quick because I need to start writing at 8:00... which apparently is not happening because it's now 8:00 am. Okay, fine, will start writing at 8:05 am, and I will only get a 5 minute break in between 20 minute sessions. If I try really hard, I might be able to get all of my writing done, or at least the vast majority of it, before I go to TKD.

I'm hoping that either there will be a lot of people in class today, or just me and D. Mostly I'm hoping for just me and D., because then we're more likely to do review and less likely to do sparring. Because the more we do it, the more I hate sparring.

But anyway...

I got all of my writing done before TKD. Go me. I found that neither D. or A. was in class last night, so I don't feel bad at all about skipping now. It either would have been just me (which is okay) or me and someone I can't stand (which is basically everyone else when I'm not in a good mood, which I wasn't. So once again, gut instinct wins.

The rest of the day will pretty much just be doing laundry and watching the Olympics. Not a bad way to spend a day off, I figure.

Forgot to mention before (not that anyone cares) I decided to hold off getting gas until after work tomorrow, because by doing so I will then not have to fill up again until next weekend. And no, I'm not going through a tank of gas a week; I fill up when I'm around half a tank, generally. So I'm going through half to three-quarters of a tank every week. Which is bad enough.

Anyway, laundry is getting there, Olympics are on (women's skiathlon at the moment) and I'm spamming my poor Tumblr followers as I clear out my Likes and either reblog them immediately or add them to my queue. I didn't do this yesterday, so there's a bunch built up.

I feel like I should probably add the stuff I need to get done at work to my To Do list for tomorrow, because there's a bunch of stuff that needs doing and I'm afraid I'll forget something if I don't write it down.

I probably should have just waited until I'd responded to the one email I have to respond to so I could just post that I was done for the day. Oh well.

Now there's a break in the Olympic coverage so I guess I'll watch something else for a little bit... and probably respond to that email.

And done. Go me.


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