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When you first look at the calendar, you think, "Oh, a month to move? That's a long time."

It's not. Not when you work a day job and you don't actually get weekends as such (most of my days off are not consecutive, and it's harder to actually get what you need to do done in a single day, because you know it's all the time you have and you'd kind of like the chance to maybe relax just a little bit, maybe?

And here were are on September 5 and we have to be out of here by October 1 and I'm really not sure how that's going to happen, even if most of it is Not My Problem since it's Not My Stuff. (Most of it is Riki's, and she doesn't have a day job, but she also has to prepare the place we're moving into as well as getting ready to leave this one, so at this point her days are just as long as mine, if not longer. She does have the added benefit of having something to show for it at the end of the day.)

Because of the obnoxiousness of how they do scheduling where I work, next quarter I will be working 7-3:30 instead of the 8-4:30 that I've been working for the last year plus. This means I have to convince my body, somehow, that 5:30 am is an acceptable time to get up. I've been moving up the time I wake/get up by 10 minutes a week which mostly just means I'm more tired because I haven't yet convinced my body to go to sleep any earlier.

On the plus side, I've been up since 5:50 am and have gotten quite a bit accomplished, although now I'm wasting time typing this when I should be doing other stuff. But so it goes.

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