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Yesterday I tested for my high brown belt. Once again, I was the only adult testing, due to other obligations (work, a class that couldn't be gotten out of). I'm kind of used to it by now, although Amy did actually test with the group the last couple of times. This time around it wasn't so bad; when we did stuff with partners the kid I ended up facing was at least roughly my size.

We started with warm-ups, then basic skills (kicks, strikes, blocks) and somehow that ended up taking half an hour. Mister L., who does our testing, spent a lot of time talking for some reason, and over the course of the hour (which ended up being closer to an hour and ten, fifteen minutes) we probably lost ten to fifteen minutes to that.

A lot of it was having the younger kids get up, then sit down, then get back up, because they were slow and didn't say 'yes, sir' (which granted Master Paul doesn't enforce, like, at all in regular classes, so I tend to be the only one who says it) and whined when they were told to do something they didn't want to do (push-ups).

Which actually led to an interesting moment, where Mister L., who had been talking about saying 'yes sir' added, "Or 'yes ma'am' for a female instructor," to which one of the kids commented that we don't have any. Mister L. said, "Not yet," and then looked over to the side of the room where the higher ranks were sitting and said, "There are future female instructors here," meaning, presumably, me, Danielle, and Audrey, who are three of the four brown belts. (I guess it's a good thing that I've figured out how to tie other people's belts as well as my own. One of our littlest guys only had his belt wrapped around him once, so the ends were hanging way down. Master Paul was busy with his brother, so I went over and said, "Let's fix that," and managed to get it right. You wouldn't think it, but it's a lot different doing it on someone else than on yourself.)

Luckily, my group (which was four brown belts and a red belt) were better about getting up quickly, remembering to say 'yes sir' and generally treating it like testing instead of like fun time. So we mostly just had to sit through the lectures... or sometimes stand in ready/fighting stance for extended periods of time while he talked. And in my case, I got to be called a 'big stinky pumpkinhead' repeatedly (because he knew I wouldn't get upset) while he discussed how being told that you were not doing something well is just an opportunity for improvement and not to take it personally. At least I think that was the point of that particular tangent.

We did a little (very little) step-sparring (for the higher ranked students) and self-defense (for the lower-ranked students), and then we did our forms. He had the brown belts also do the yellow belt form, since next time around we'll need to know all of the forms when we test for our black belts.

From the way he was talking, it sounds like he actually expects us to be testing for black in the next testing cycle. I had honestly expected that it would take six months, and we would test in June, but that might not end up being the case. I'm pretty sure I can be ready by March anyway, but I'm not as confident about two of my beltmates. (Danielle will be fine; she knows the forms better than I do, although she's not as solid on step-sparring and self-defense all the time.) Audrey and Alan don't train as often, and are younger, and I'm less sure they'll be ready. But we'll see.

He had Master Paul, along with his son (who had apparently decided this morning that he wanted to come along with his dad for the testing, resulting in Mister L. having to cut down one of his old black belts to make it short enough for his son to wear; his own belt was at the school) do one of the black belt forms, and then he had Master Paul do one that we've actually never seen before, and holy shit... It seems impossible now that I'll ever be able to remember anything like that, because there was a lot of moves. (It was called Banya or something like that.)

After testing was over, Mister L. shook my hand and said something about how I wasn't upset by being called a pumpkinhead, right? To which I responded of course I wasn't. He's such a nice guy, there's pretty much no way to take anything he says (especially something that silly) personally.

He also asked about knife defense, and I said that Danielle and I knew 1-6. He said that maybe he would have us do it next testing, but sometimes it made parents nervous. Juniors don't do knife defense, only the adult class, so it's not as if they have to worry about their precious darlings wielding plastic knives at each other... but I can kind of see why it might make people nervous in general, because in addition to their being weapons involved, several of them involve takedowns, and are just generally violent overall. (Which is kind of why I love it... the more dramatic a thing is, the more I tend to like it.)

Overall, it was probably one of the easiest testing sessions that we've had, at least for the higher ranks, because so much focus was placed on managing the behavior of the lower ranks. Some of them just aren't used to the process, but others really should know better. But like I said before, Master Paul doesn't really enforce the responding to commands with 'yes sir' and all of that, so that's part of it. I really wonder if some of the behavior that happens would be tolerated at all in another school. It got to a point where it was embarrassing to me that these were the students of my school. Hopefully next time they'll be better behaved.
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What I really didn't need in my life right now is car problems.

I went to the bank after work to get some cash out of the ATM so I would have it on hand for going to the movies tomorrow, and as I was backing out of the space, my car started shuddering. For a second I didn't really think anything of it – occasionally my car does odd things, as I'm pretty sure all cars do – but then it didn't stop. I went to the gas station anyway, because it needed to be done, and then nursed it home.

The car is basically fine when actually running, but when it's idling, it shudders hard. And somewhere along the line the check engine light came on. It didn't happen right away; I know because I looked. The cruise control light was also flashing, but a quick Google of the "symptoms" showed that this always happens with Subaru vehicles, because it indicates that you can't use cruise control... which apparently you can't do when the Check Engine light is one.

I called the dealership, and the first question they asked was if I'd recently gotten gas. I said no, then amended to say that I just got gas, but the problem started before I got the gas. Since Googling said that other people have had this problem with the lights on their vehicle after getting bad gas, it was a logical enough question. He also asked if the Check Engine light was red or yellow. It's yellow, so I guess that means it's probably not going to explode... yet. If it was red, explosion was likely imminent.

I don't trust the car enough to drive it, so I'm going to have to get it towed to the dealership. Hopefully we haven't used up all of our free towing for the year on our AAA membership. I was thinking of having them do it tonight, but I figure if I have them come get it tomorrow and drop it off when the dealership is open, I probably won't actually have to go with it, because the tow truck guy can just hand off the keys. They did it for me last time, and it saves me having to go there, and Rikibeth having to follow along to take me back home.

When I mentioned it to one of my TKD classmates, he said it sounded a lot like what happened with his car when his alternator went, and the wonders of Subaru forums hypothesize that it might be spark plug related. Either way, it looks like it might be a couple of hundred dollar issue... which is better than a $1000+ issue, which is what I'm really hoping doesn't end up being the case.

I need to call the dealership again in the morning to say that I got a letter a few weeks ago about needing to take the car in to have the brake lines checked because apparently there were problems with them being corroded by New England winter, and also it is very nearly due for an oil change so I might as well have them take care of that while it's there.

So... yeah. Apparently that's going to be my morning tomorrow, and [personal profile] rikibeth is going to have to be my chauffeur for the rest of the day, because I have physical therapy at 10:30 am. I'm repaying her by paying for her to see Pacific Rim with me. She already took me to TKD tonight, because while I probably should have dealt with getting my car to the dealership instead, knowing that now on top of all of my medical stuff, I also have to deal with car stuff, kicking things seemed like a really good idea.

And on the plus side, I'd already asked for Thursday off, so I have two days to deal with it instead of one. On the down side, the reason I asked for Thursday off was because I already had a bunch of stuff to do on Wednesday, and I needed to make a doctor's appointment to have my wrist looked at.

Because yes, I have yet another injury. I don't know what happened to my wrist, specifically, but at least this time around I remember exactly when it started hurting. I gave it two weeks to heal up on its own, but it hasn't gotten any better and in the last couple of days it seems like maybe it has gotten a bit worse, so I decided it was time to make the call.

It hurts when I bend it, especially backward, and especially when I put pressure on it... like you do when you push open a door. Or push yourself up out of your seat. Or prop your chin in your hand. Or do push-ups. Or any number of other things that I do all the time but don't realize how often I do them until I started taping the wrist to keep it from bending in the way that hurts.

After almost three weeks now, I'm really starting to worry that I may have actually broken one of the little bones in the wrist. When I said that to one of my co-workers, he said, "Would you be able to move it like that, though? Wouldn't it hurt more?"

I said, "One of my friend's daughter walked around for weeks on a broken foot. So no, not necessarily."

So I suspect after my appointment with the doctor on Thursday morning I'll be headed over to the hospital for an x-ray. I'm honestly not sure what I want the outcome to be... in a way it would be a bit of a relief for them to find a break, because then it's not yet another situation of, "Okay, so it hurts, but we don't really know why it hurts or how to treat it." Which has been pretty much the case with every other injury I've had... including the knee that I'm currently in PT for. I think I'm driving my physical therapist crazy because she still can't figure out why my knee (and hip and lower back) hurt.

But if it is broken, then they're probably going to try to tell me that I can't do TKD, and I'm going to be like, "Okay, well, that's not actually an option, so tell me specifically what I can't do, and then I'll figure out what I can." Obviously contact sparring would be out, and striking with that hand, but the thing is, I've being doing TKD on it for the last three weeks! The only concession I've made to it was today when the wrist was taped so I couldn't bend it, so when we did push-ups I did them on my knuckles instead of flat palms.

So yeah... that's my day, or my next couple of days. I'm sure you can imagine how happy I am.
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At the end of class today we were doing rotations of heavy bag and no-contact sparring with Master Paul. We did four rounds, I think, and after the third one he said to me, "Your sparring has really improved." I just said thank you, but inside I was doing a little dance of joy. Because sparring is probably the thing that I'm weakest at, and to get a compliment on it was just... awesome.

Of course, during the fourth round we both went for a punch at the same time and our fists collided, so we both had to drop and do ten push-ups, because that's our penalty if we make contact when we're not supposed to. Oops.

(We are ignoring the fact that I have the bruise on the side of my hand to prove that he hit me, not the other way around... "It takes two to make contact." :-P)

Speaking of bruises... my right thumb. The knuckle where it joins the hand all of a sudden looks slightly swollen. Now, I injured that thumb two years ago during the January from hell - I fell on the snow and bent it back, and it's occasionally ached since. A couple of weeks ago, Master Paul's wrist slammed into the knuckle when he was demonstrating a block for either step-sparring or self-defense, and it's been bruised and a bit achy since then, but it's been getting better. I have no idea why it decided to flare up again. I'm going to take the fact that I can move it without any problems as a sign that there's nothing seriously wrong with it, and just keep an eye (and ice) on it.

On a happier note, my belt display arrived today! And even better, the part of it that I didn't really like (a photo frame bit that's supposed to go at the top) but decided I could ignore in order to pay $12.99 instead of $39.99 for a thing to put my belts on, is actually a separate piece and so I can just not hang it up. Yay!

My belts, let me show you them. )
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So this is what happened after class today:

Me> *goes into the office* I brought you something. *gives Master Paul a cupcake* Lemon meringue cupcake. Because it's my birthday.
Master Paul> *gives me a scrunchy-faced side-eye look of disapproval*
Me> I didn't tell you before because I didn't want you to make us do push-ups or something.
Master Paul> Getting too smart already. I don't like it. But thank you. And happy birthday.

Obviously he was teasing, but hey, I avoided having to do 32 push-ups, so I count it all as a win!
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... when it's this cold out. But my right knee is bruised badly enough that it seemed necessary. The good news is that the joint isn't actually damaged; I didn't twist it or cause it any real injury. It's just really bruised.

And I figured out why my palm is bruised - from doing palm strike to Tony the Dummy.

Today... actually, I should say this evening, because I actually went to class twice today... Master Paul decided to elaborate on the combination we've been doing for the past few days, and holy hell, I could not do it. Literally. I would go up to the dummy, do the first two moves, and then just stop, stare at it for a second, and go to the end of the line. I did manage to get it right a couple of times, but it was just... I got it in my head but could not get my limbs coordinated to actually do the damn thing.

The combination, for the record was:
Rear leg front kick, step down
Front reverse knife hand strike to the throat
Rear hand palm strike to forehead
Front hand slap to the side of the head or elbow strike, depending on how close you were
Rear hand uppercut

(For those not familiar with all of the terminology, it's basically right kick, right strike, left palm strike, left slap/elbow strike, left uppercut. Or the opposite, if you're starting with the left.)

We did the first three, and I was fine. Then we added the fourth and I fell apart. Then we added the fifth and it was just plain over. ARGH. Mostly we were just laughing good-naturedly, but it gets frustrating when you just can't get something right.
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I have a bruise on the pinkie-side of my right ring finger, and on the palm-side in between my index and middle finger. It's probably the result of two days of reverse knife-hand strikes to Tony the Dummy, but those aren't actually parts of my hands that make contact with anything!

My right knee is also bruised to heck, but that I at least know why. These things tend to happen when you spend a solid ten minutes tossing your teacher on his butt (actually back) with a move that ends with you landing on your knee.

We did a lot of takedowns today, because I happen to ask about the one that we learned at yellow belt (which is what the other person in class today is) and so he got out the mats to practice it. I actually know quite a few now, and so we also practiced front headlock, which was not the one I was thinking of. When I mentioned that, this conversation ensued:

Master Paul: Which one are you thinking of?
Me: The one with the leg sweep.
Master Paul: *thinks, can't quite remember which one that is* I think that was one we just did for fun one time.
Me: Because we have an odd definition of fun around here.
Master Paul: You're just now realizing that?

Also, it's hard to takedowns with someone who is obviously afraid of falling, because they tend to crumple instead of going down and doing a proper breakfall. Which means no matter how good your form is, it ends up looking wonky. Also, it's not good when the person you just tossed off of you can roll and get up faster than you can. Kind of defeats the purpose. (I'm the one getting tossed and rolling, not the one who can't pick myself up fast enough. Of course, I also learned very quickly to pull my knees to my chest to keep from getting kicked while down, so...)

But seriously... what the heck did I do to my hand?!
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I got my blue belt today. It is so very blue and it makes me very happy.

R. wasn't there, so it was just me and Master Paul. He actually started teaching me back kick weeks ago on another day when it was just the two of us, so we worked on that again as the first of my new skills. It's very hard to do slowly, and with no target to aim for. I was wobbling all over. When he got out the big shield target, though... man, that's an effective kick. (Anything that I can put enough power into to actually push Master Paul backward is awesome in my book.)

Then he gave me the choice of what other new thing I wanted to do. I picked form, since I saw him do it at testing and was kind of intimidated. (It's poomse Sa Jang, for those for whom that has any meaning.) We only did the first four moves, but that really was enough to be getting on with. It's not like any of the first four forms, although I did learn the double knife hand block that it starts with in poomse No Name, so I'm not totally clueless. (We also have a single knife hand block in Sam Jang, so the movements aren't completely unfamiliar.)

I think, once I get past being intimidated by it, I'll actually like it, because it is different. Hopefully that will also make it easier to remember, because I won't be able to confuse it with any of the others.

One thing I liked was that he actually explained to me the application of the moves. The first four are pretty straightforward, but Sa Jang is a bit funky. But he explained that the first move could block a kick, then you drop the front hand to push down a punch or kick, and then you do a knife hand spear strike (or whatever he called it - memory fail) to the solar plexus or throat.

"So, aim for somewhere that's going to make it hard to breathe?"

"Pretty much."

At the end of class I gave him my renewal form, so I'm now paid up for the next year. No matter what else might happen financially, at least I know this is taken care of, which is good, because it's one of the main things that keeps me sane. And hey, since I renewed for a year, he's going to throw in a new uniform. I was thinking about getting a second one anyway, so yay!

I also got my progress report for testing, and there were a few goods, a lot of very goods, and for my poomse? Excellent.

I GOT AN EXCELLENT. It's the first one I've ever gotten, and I am SO DAMN HAPPY.

He also told me that he'd gotten an email from one of the parents, who had mentioned that they always saw me there, but never saw me train, and they were very impressed by my skills during testing. One of the boy's moms also told me that her son was very impressed by the way I tossed R. to the mat during self-defense. I was kind of amused by that.

So yeah, I'm pretty revved up, which is a nice place to be after the last few weeks have dragged with review, review, and more review.
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Today I tested for my blue belt. Everything went pretty smoothly, so I'm not worried about not getting it. (I'm not sure anyone has ever actually failed, although certainly from what I've seen it seems like some people ought to...)

Testing, Testing... )

In other TKD news... )
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Today one of our white belts, who is probably 5 or 6, came off the mats with his arms outstretched. I think he was going for water, but I asked him if he had been turned into a zombie, and he said yes. Then, when I asked him and his sister if they were ready for their yellow belt test (in two weeks) she said yes, and he said he was scared. When I asked why he was scared, though...

"Because I'm haunted."

"You're... haunted?"

"Uh-huh." He then proceeded to tell me about how one of their fish died, and then another of their fish died, but the old granddaddy fish was still alive, and he was afraid that in the night the fish skeletons rose up and got out of the room and went to the dojang.

Or... something.

I kind of lost track somewhere in the middle, but I'm pretty sure it didn't make any sense to start with. Whatever the case, it was kind of hilarious.

And don't worry. I did inform Master Paul that the dojang might be haunted by fish. *g*

Personally, though, I'd prefer fish to the 3"+ house centipede that decided to appear on the wall at the end of class the other week. It managed to get away before we could kill it, the attempt being made only after a long conversation about whose responsibility the actual killing of Jurassic-Sized Bugs was. It has, thankfully, not been seen since.

Lastly, a few things that I have noticed this week in the dojang that really should Go Without Saying but apparently don't.

1. Cut your nails. This is actually in the student handbook as one of the rules. Keep your fingernails and toenails short. Because seriously? You are practicing a sport that involves your hands and feet coming in close contact with other people. One of the other adult women... the only other adult woman, I should say... has really long nails, and nearly gouged my face practicing self-defense yesterday. I hope that Master Paul actually says something to her about it, because it's really not safe, and it's right there in writing.

2. Wash your dobok.

Let me repeat that one, in case you somehow missed it. WASH YOUR DOBOK. Especially if you sweat a lot. I will be the first to admit that I do not wash mine after every class, but it gets washed after every 2-3 uses, and more frequently if I think it needs it.

Like if it gets a visible mark on it. For example, if you do an elbow strike to the part of the heavy bag with the big red logo on it, some of the paint tends to transfer itself to your sleeve. I learned that the hard way. And when that happens, and you don't wash your dobok, the red mark is still there TWO WEEKS LATER, and just as vivid as ever so it's OBVIOUS that you haven't washed it.

Oh, and also? You start to smell.

Like, as in bad enough that someone else occupying the space where you just were can still smell you.

We won't even discuss the unpleasantness of having to practice such moves as side headlock and rear choke with such a person. I'll leave it to your imagination.
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I can't remember the last time I actually posted about TKD – what I might have said and what I didn't – but I figure it's been a while, so I might as well write something.

I had my test for my high green belt on Saturday, June 23. Earlier in that week, we spent a good part of class practicing breakfalls, and I managed to give myself whiplash, which made life... interesting. When I told Master Paul on Friday, he said to just take it easy, and sort of implied that if I wasn't up to it, he wasn't actually going to make me test to promote me, because he knew that I knew the stuff. But I discovered that the only thing I really couldn't do was sitting up from a prone position. I let Mr. Lesinski, who was conducting our testing, know before we started, and unlike Master Paul the night before, he actually remembered (Master Paul forgot during class on Friday, and was teasing me for being too slow doing the side headlock self-defense, until I gave him a Look), and when we did sit-ups he told me not to, and then when we got to self-defense and we were doing choking on the floor, he had me sit it out.

Somehow during the higher level self-defense, I ended up paired with one of the younger students, who is my same belt level, but comes up to, oh, my shoulder. He managed to hit me in the face during one thing, although not hard.

Other than that, it was pretty uneventful. Since then, it's been brutally hot, although that hasn't really slowed us down much. On Tuesday we did flying side kicks, which resulted in me crash landing and scraping the inside of my foot on the base of the heavy bag (yes, really) but then on my last kick I knocked the heavy bag over, so I felt vindicated. Amusingly, one of the notes on my test evaluation form was that my coordination had improved. Oh, the irony.

On Thursday and Friday I was the only one in class, which I hoped meant I would go to do joong bong, but it was not to be. On Thursday it was relatively cool (Master Paul's words, not mine!) so we did sparring. On Friday it was too hot for that, so we just did some other drills, including the turn kick (which may or may not be a spin roundhouse... not actually sure) ad nauseum. I have a spot on the ball of my left foot where the skin's been worn raw from all of the pivoting. We also did a new self-defense: handshake.

Now, why would you need to defend yourself from a handshake? You really wouldn't, but it's a good lead-in to How To Break Someone's Elbow 101. And it's very effective. We're taught to tap our leg or whatever to indicate when we've had enough, and on the first demonstration, I whacked Master Paul's arm because it HURT. (I probably didn't hit him that hard, but it was harder than usual.)

R. was back on Saturday, so we practiced step sparring #8, which we'd learned earlier in the week. We managed to completely forget #6 in the process, which was both amusing and embarrassing. I also completely failed a drill where we were supposed to see how many times we could draw a circle in the air with our foot around a target. I could do it once, and R. seemed to believe that I should be able to do more, but it just was not happening. Guess that's something I need to work on.

Also, it amuses me when Master Paul starts sounding like me. We were making a line in front of the heavy bag, and instead of getting in front of him, I went to the end, even though I was right there and there was space. He looked at me and said, "Really?" But I'm always first!

It's good to be learning new things. I assume we'll probably start our new form soon. Hopefully it'll be more different from the last two than green belt was from yellow, or I'm going to start getting really confused.
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Class today (and this week) has been... interesting. To the point where Master Paul's was teasing me today, saying, "Hopefully we know where our limbs are today." My proprioception has been off for the past few days, which has led to me hitting Robert in the nose (very, very lightly), kicking Master Paul in both elbows, and otherwise failing at 'no contact' anything.

More behind the cut, including some complaining. )

Couch to 5K

May. 7th, 2012 08:13 pm
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Now, I'm sure it's hard to believe considering how often I post about Tae Kwon Do, but I actually hate exercise. A lot. I hate being out of breath and sweaty and achy. In high school, gym class was torture, and especially when they decided to make us run The Mile.

Because I actually enjoy TKD, I don't really consider it exercise, even if sometimes when we lay down at the end of class I'm not entirely sure I'm going to be able to get back up, because I'm so worn out. I've been going 4-5 times a week for the past couple of months, and I don't plan to stop any time soon.

But here's the thing. )
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On Friday, I was the only one in class at TKD. Other than me, R., and A., all of the other teens/adults who came to evening class seem to have disappeared, and even A.'s attendance is spotty. R. had to work, so it was just me.

After warm-ups and working on my new form (which I am having a hard time getting to stick in my head), Master Paul went to the corner and got the joong bong - which literally translated means "medium stick" – and handed me one.

Now, the thing about the joong bong is that generally you don't start learning them until you're a black belt, or at least that's my understanding of it. (Different schools very likely do things differently.) I guess he figured since I was the only one there, and we didn't really want me getting too far ahead of other people learning stuff we would actually be tested on, we would have some fun.

It's very different, using the joong bong rather than just your body. Joon-be (ready stance) is different, as is fighting stance. It's a bit like unlearning and relearning everything you've spent so many months trying to get just right.

I tried to find video of it on YouTube, but all of the videos I could find show them using a much longer staff – the one that we would call jeng bong, and that's also called bo or jo staff. (Bo and jo are different lengths, and our jeng bong seems to be jo staff length, which is slightly shorter than the wielder.) In any case, our joong bong are about two feet long, maybe a bit longer, and are about an 1.5" in diameter.

I learned a downward strike, high block, another strike that I can't remember the name of, but it's a slashing motion toward the neck, and the block to deflect that. This really was enough to be getting on with, because I was only barely competent after maybe ten or fifteen minutes of practice. After that we moved on to other things.

Sadly, even though I was the only student there on Saturday morning, I did not get to play with sticks again. I suspect it was because one of the younger students was there in the office; I assume her mother must not have been able to pick her up and Master Paul said it was okay for her to stay while he was teaching other classes.

I do hope I get a chance to practice with them again, because it was a lot of fun, and a nice break from the stuff that we do every day. Although I still think Master Paul might be a little bit crazy for letting me swing a stick at him.
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Call me "ma'am".

It was one of the younger students at the dojang, and he was just being respectful, and it was very good of him, but AAAAHHHHHH. (And technically I don't think I'm actually a "ma'am" until I'm a black belt, but I'm older than him and I'm of a higher rank, so I'm sure that's why he did it.)

For the record, it was because I saw him waiting for Master Paul, holding his board and trying to practice his palm strike himself, so I stepped out on the mat and offered to hold for him to practice, and when I asked if he wanted me to hold, he said, "Yes, thank you, ma'am."

I ended up holding for him while he actually tried the strike - I gave him three attempts before calling it quits for the day. The only thing Master Paul said was, "What, no tips for him?"

I also started warm-ups today. It's a bit odd, being looked to as a leader and being asked to take charge of things, but it's not a bad thing.

I think I'm going to be the only one in class for the next two days, which will be... interesting. I'll either get beaten up more than usual, or we'll have fun. Or maybe both.
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Every year, Tae San Taekwondo Academy hosts a "Friendship Tournament". This is the school where Master Paul trained, and it's the head instructor from Tae San who comes to do our testing, so the schools are kind of connected. As a result, we were invited to participate in the tournament, and became the first "outsiders" to compete there.

And we did really well. I'm proud of my school. We had six people competing, and we brought home quite a few gold medals. Before continuing, I will give the caveat that in the majority of the divisions, there were only three people, so everyone was going to get a medal. Even so, I think we only took one bronze. Everything else was gold or silver.

My medals. Let me show you them. )


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