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At the end of class today we were doing rotations of heavy bag and no-contact sparring with Master Paul. We did four rounds, I think, and after the third one he said to me, "Your sparring has really improved." I just said thank you, but inside I was doing a little dance of joy. Because sparring is probably the thing that I'm weakest at, and to get a compliment on it was just... awesome.

Of course, during the fourth round we both went for a punch at the same time and our fists collided, so we both had to drop and do ten push-ups, because that's our penalty if we make contact when we're not supposed to. Oops.

(We are ignoring the fact that I have the bruise on the side of my hand to prove that he hit me, not the other way around... "It takes two to make contact." :-P)

Speaking of bruises... my right thumb. The knuckle where it joins the hand all of a sudden looks slightly swollen. Now, I injured that thumb two years ago during the January from hell - I fell on the snow and bent it back, and it's occasionally ached since. A couple of weeks ago, Master Paul's wrist slammed into the knuckle when he was demonstrating a block for either step-sparring or self-defense, and it's been bruised and a bit achy since then, but it's been getting better. I have no idea why it decided to flare up again. I'm going to take the fact that I can move it without any problems as a sign that there's nothing seriously wrong with it, and just keep an eye (and ice) on it.

On a happier note, my belt display arrived today! And even better, the part of it that I didn't really like (a photo frame bit that's supposed to go at the top) but decided I could ignore in order to pay $12.99 instead of $39.99 for a thing to put my belts on, is actually a separate piece and so I can just not hang it up. Yay!

My belts, let me show you them. )
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So it's been mostly just me and R. in the adult class this week. A. hasn't been coming because she'd had a major assignment she was working on, and all of the other adults are pretty much AWOL. Today Master Paul decided to let us practice breaking. He said that it was the last of the freebie boards, so make it count.

I decided to try doing a side kick through two boards. One was easy (although I kind of flubbed it last week) so two shouldn't be that difficult, right?

Um. Yeah, not so much. The boards are 3/4 of an inch thick. (Why a 1" board is 3/4" thick, I don't know.) Two boards together is, well, 1 1/2" thick. That's a lot of wood.

I'm not sure exactly what went wrong. I don't know if I wasn't close enough so when I extended my leg, it wasn't going through, or what, but I hit, and the front board cracked, but didn't break. On the second kick, the front board broke. So they held the second board for me to finish off, and I hit with rather too much force, and pitched forward, crashing into the board holders and falling on my butt.

Yeah. Not my most graceful moment. Note to Self: Do not do that on the day of the tournament. (I'm still not sure what my tournament break is going to be. I was thinking of doing the side kick with two boards, but maybe not so much. Or maybe I just need practice.)

Anyway, I picked myself up and thought I was fine. I'd hit my ankle on the edge of the board when I crashed, but I thought it was fine. Now there's a big knot on it, which I'm sure will be a spectacular bruise tomorrow. It's right below the big bruise on my shin/ankle from sparring on Tuesday. SIGH.

At the end of class I gave him money for boards, and told him I was paying for the ones I broke today and last week. He tried to say no, but I didn't let him. I have the money, and the school is brand new. Any little bit I can do to help with costs, I'll do. I'm not rich, but I've got a little to spare these days. I can pay for the wood – especially the ones I break badly. Maybe if I'd actually done it well, I would have let him give them to me as freebies. *g*

I'll probably give him more money next week, just so I know I have good boards for the tournament. The ones in the current box are sort of the dregs at this point, with knots in the middle, and that's no good for breaking.

The tournament is two weeks from tomorrow. I have no idea if I'm ready or not. I just want to do well. I guess we'll see.
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Today before TKD class:

Master Paul> How's your foot?
Me> *shows him* Juliet's elbows are bony.
Master Paul> AGAIN?!
Me> Yeah. Last time it was my right foot. This time it was my left.
Master Paul> Well at least you evened it out.

In case you're curious what it actually looks like... )


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