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I didn't sleep well last night; I kept waking up for seemingly no reason. So even though in theory I got eight hours of sleep, it wasn't particularly restful. I kept having nightmares about something going wrong with my car.

I realized that I can't write ahead on Sign this week, because next week's chapter actually involves stuff about the Olympics, and they haven't started yet. If I'm going to talk about them, I'm going to have to see what has happened up to that point. It wouldn't really make a difference if they weren't in Russia, but they are, so it does.

So I'll be writing next week's chapter on Saturday again... really nothing for it. Which means I'll have to figure out what on earth I'm going to write the rest of the week.

And since the weather was decent for the first (and possibly last time for a while) I walked to the library to return some books - a graphic novel I picked up and finished yesterday, and another book that I started reading yesterday and gave up on today because seriously, way too many words going nowhere. It took me as long to read 20 pages of that as it would to read three times that many in most books, and it just wasn't that interesting.


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