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Today I have to do one of my most dreaded, hated chores: taking my car to get its oil changed. I hate driving into the garage over the pit. I hate them asking me to turn on this thing or that thing and fumbling to find the controls. I just... hate it. For a long time I would always making Riki take my car for me, and then the last couple of times I've had to have other stuff done to my car so the dealership has just done it. But I'm not driving all the way to the dealership today, especially since they'll likely find something else wrong with my car that will cost me money I don't have at the moment to fix.

If I had the cash, I might make Riki do it for me again today, because I'm really not sure I'm up to it, and it's already past due (not by a lot... a couple hundred miles).

Stupid cars.

I have declared myself Unfit to Adult and recruited Rikibeth to take my car to get its oil changed. I went out and got cash for her to pay them instead. And because I am a creature of habit, I turned left when I should have turned right and so went the long way 'round to the ATM. *sigh*

Some days are just like that... even in Australia.

I should really start writing the next chapter of Sign today, but I have no idea what happens in it, so probably that's not going to happen. Instead I will focus on finishing up the kids' New Year's letters to themselves... I think I have three left?... and that will give me my words for the day. After that, errands. Or lunch, then errands. Or lunch as part of errands.

Errands are accomplished. Turns out Ghost #2 got pushed back to March, so that's one thing off the list without any expenditure of energy. Although actually, it still required expenditure of energy because I had to look up when it was being released since it wasn't in my pull file today.

Got lunch at Whole Foods, including lunch for Riki to thank her for taking my car to get its oil changed.

Now to read my comics.

I decided to take today off from TKD, which means I will be home to watch Revolution when it airs... or watch Arrow when it airs and watch Revolution on DVR right after. Whichever. (They're on at the same time, see.)

So basically, the only things left for the day are mindless, and I'm okay with that. Considering the huge stack of books I have out from the library, and the non-zero chance that I may not be able to renew some of them, I should probably do some more reading while I've got the time.

I decided it was safe to delete the sticky notes for stuff I needed to watch, on the assumption that I will, in fact, watch said things. So yeah, done for the day. Go me.


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