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I need a vacation. Yesterday wasn't relaxing in the slightest, and today isn't shaping up to be much better, although maybe if I can get my writing done early I'll be able to just chill out this afternoon. I know that I need to back and get rid of a lot of what I wrote last night because I was tired and just trying to force words to happen, and I decided that part of it I would rather have happen later, so I have to figure out something else to have happen. Or maybe it will just be a shortish chapter.

Anyway... this is what I'm up to today.

And my whole day has been derailed. I went to TKD, and in the first 10 minutes of class he decided to have us do jump back kick. For some reason he seems to think that having us do jump kicks is some kind of fun treat. It's not. I hate jump kicks. I can't jump, and it just leaves me feeling pissed off and incompetent.

And today it leaves me with a badly rolled left ankle. Bad enough after sitting with an ice pack for 20 minutes, I just left class because there was no way I was going to be able to jump back in.

On the positive side, we don't have class again until Thursday because of New Year's, so I have time to recover without actually missing class. But damn it, I would really like to be able to walk without significant amounts of pain!

Riki is mostly doing my laundry because going up and down the stairs is dicey at best. I have ice on my ankle right now and I really can't wait for the 20 minutes to be over because it's really cold even though towel, sock, and ace bandage, and the pain of the cold is basically just as bad as the pain of the ankle.

But I'm getting stuff done, or getting stuff done for me, so progress is being made. I really should buckle down and write, since I can't really do much that involves getting out of bed, but I can't seem to focus at the moment. Maybe after lunch... which I sent Riki to get, because I require medicinal udon.

Ankle still hurts like hell. Rest, ice, compression, elevation... still hurts. Maybe I should take some painkiller.

Still procrastinating on writing. I guess I can at least respond to email while watching All Creatures Great and Small.

And that's everything done, despite the ankle, which still hurts like hell. I'm hoping it'll feel at least a little better tomorrow, or it's going to be a very long day at work, dealing with customers and pain.


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