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I'm posting this tonight so I don't have to worry about doing it in the morning.

Off to a slow start this morning, obviously. Next step is to get up and get dressed and go to TKD testing, and hopefully it doesn't derail the whole rest of the day.

Testing is done (it went well - I will do a longer post about it but most likely will try to write it while at work tomorrow) and laundry is started... and now I'm in a pissy mood because the idiot that we live with, for some asinine reason, had a tiny load of one small towel and a couple of other things in the dryer... on timed dry... for 50+ minutes. (It was at 50 when I put my laundry in; don't know how long it had been in there prior to that.) The dryer is new enough that there are options of "more dry" and "less dry", indicating there is a sensor in there that knows when the laundry is done. (It's not always right, but it's pretty good.) I pushed it down to only have 30 minutes left on the timer (which is about the time the washer takes, I'm taking that shit out whether it's done or not when my laundry needs to go in because FUCK HER SHE HAS ALREADY BEEN TOLD NOT TO DO LAUNDRY ON SATURDAYS UNTIL MINE IS DONE BECAUSE IT'S THE ONLY DAY I HAVE TO DO IT) and told Riki that I am not putting up with this bullshit - if this is how she's going to roll (and it's only of many energy-wasting techniques she has for household management) then I will NOT pay 1/3 of the electricity bill. I will pay 25% of it. I do not use 33% of the electricity in the house as it is; I am out of the house, at minimum, 50-60 hours a week, versus the two of them who are basically here 24/7. I am not on my computer here all day, I'm not running my space heater here all day... so no. No. I'm drawing a fucking line.

And now it's starting to look like I'm actually getting somewhere. Next up, more writing, then hopefully my laundry will be done and I can fold it and put it away... then more writing, then finish my book, then more writing... or something. Anyway, I am determined to be able to delete ALL of the sticky notes today.

I have fewer sticky notes left than hours in the day that I'm likely to be awake, so for once this may actually be possible!

So first I decided to simplify the design for the back of my Cherno Alpha jacket, but I figured I would still do the stencil. After wrestling with it for quite a while, I decided that it would be easier to just draw it straight onto the back of the jacket... and then I realized it was crooked so I had to wipe it out and do it again. But it's on there now, so hopefully I can get it painted soon.

Ha! I did it! I win!


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