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Friday the 13th, and I have about a million errands to run. It's really cold out, so I think I'll be sporting my lucky hate, because I'm preeeeetty sure nothing bad can happen when I'm wearing my lucky hat. I'm fully expecting, though, that errands are going to take 3 hours or more, and eat up a good portion of my day. I'm hoping to get writing done before I have to leave for the doctor, just so that's out of the way at least.

We're under a winter storm watch from tomorrow afternoon through Sunday morning, which does not make me happy at all. The only "good" thing about it is that it's happening over the weekend, and we should be able to have it all dealt with before I have to go back to work on Monday. Also, it's not supposed to start until after I'm home from TKD tomorrow, so as far as timing goes, it's pretty good.

In any case, it's good it's not happening today.

Yes, it's only been an hour, but it'll probably be 3-4 hours before I do another one because I'm about to embark on the epic errand adventure, starting with the doctor. Which means I should probably get dressed and stuff...

I forgot something I needed for one of my errands, so I stopped at Whole Foods to get sushi to bribe Rikibeth to come with me on the rest of them, then stopped at home to get Riki and what I'd forgotten. Now I'm off again!

Back from running errands. From the time that I left the house to go to the doctor to the time I got home again (with one thing - the chiropractor - still not done, but I think that's just going to wait for another day) it had been five hours.

Ugh. All I want to do now is sleep. Unfortunately, as you can see, that isn't an option.

I ate dinner and I'm still hungry. *grumbles* I am also freezing, because this house lacks insulation and so the cold just bleeds straight through the walls, and the downstairs can be made comfortable but the heat doesn't come upstairs at all, because it's a single heating zone, and the sensor is in the living room, which heats up fine, so it doesn't even know to come on to make the upstairs anything more than frigid.

I don't want to go to TKD but I will, because I've already skipped two days this week and testing is on December 21. But I'm cold and I'm tired and just want to curl up in bed and sleep... but I guess I can do that after class. At least if I go my blood will get flowing again.

So close... and yet so far. Maybe tomorrow...


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