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Yes, you can pretty much expect to see these all week. I'm trying to find the balance between relaxing because it's my vacation and getting stuff done. Most of the stuff I have to get done is fun stuff (working on costumes) but I still suspect it's going to look like A LOT of stuff when I've got it all written down and turned into Sticky Notes.

I had a great birthday yesterday, with only one bit that was a bit annoying/frustrating/disappointing - Riki got a coupon for 30% off one's entire regular priced purchase for today... right after we left Jo-Ann's. I used a 25% off coupon at Michaels, but if the 30% off coupon had arrived sooner I would have waited until today and gotten as much stuff as I could at Jo-Ann's, and it likely would have saved me a good bit of money. (If I'd had the coupon just for the stuff I got at Jo-Ann's, it would have saved me about $10.)

But so it goes. There are worse things. Otherwise, the day was lovely.

Trader Joe's has been removed and rescheduled, because I am in no fit state to face the world. Why? Because I decided I was fed up with not being able to watch DVR stuff in my room because Comcast couldn't get their shit together and/or the downstairs TV was so obsolete it was fucking everything up, so I switched out the cable boxes.

Apparently, this is not actually as simple as it seems like it should be. Power cycling fixed the initial issue on my TV, but the downstairs one is still messed up after 90+ minutes on the phone. It finally got to a point where I told the guy that he'd done what he could, but I was done and I was hanging up.

Now Riki is taking Tracey to get a non-obsolete TV and maybe that will make everything magically work. I don't know, and honestly, since my shit is working? I don't care.

Maybe that's selfish of me, but fuck it.

Moving on with the rest of my day now.

It continues to appear as if I'm accomplishing nothing. I watched an episode of Glee that I discovered had recorded after all (I thought it hadn't) so I didn't have to wait for it to be available online, and then I went and hooked up the new TV downstairs because apparently I am the most technologically clueful person in the house.

The cable is still not working properly down there, but at least now it can't be blamed on the 12+ year old television.

Now I think I'll put on Kings and see about doing some of the other stuff that can be done while I'm vaguely watching TV.

Riki ended up going to Trader Joe's when she took Tracey to Target, so now that's off the list completely. Still haven't done any writing, and I'm not sure I've got it in me today, but there are still a few more hours left in the day so we'll see.

I ended up watching a bunch of stuff today that wasn't on the To Do list, and lost a lot of time that way... but oh well. That's what vacation is for, right? Tomorrow I will hopefully not be derailed by having to deal with the cable. (Actually, I'm done with the cable. Riki can deal with the downstairs TV. I don't care whether it works or not.)

Anyway, I'm going to try to get writing done early so that that doesn't keep backing up, and then the Costume To Do list so I can start divvying up the tasks to get it done. Which means tomorrow will start with some blank Sticky Notes to be filled in with costume stuff.

But the good thing is, I don't have to worry about the bad weather we're supposed to get overnight, because I don't have to be anywhere tomorrow. Hurray!


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