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I forced myself to wake up around 6 am today, since tomorrow I'll have to be up at 5:30 am to go back to work. I've been getting up around 7 am all along, so it shouldn't be too hard an adjustment, but still. At least I only have to get through two days of work before I have another day off.

My stomach is in knots and I'm fighting off panic, so I suspect it's going to be a long day. On the plus side, we got a lot less snow than they were originally predicting, although other parts of the state were hit hard. On the down side, it's still brutally cold, so going out and dealing with it is still a less than ideal situation.

I'm off to a slow start. I just need to focus and get rolling to hopefully keep the panic at bay. I skipped TKD yesterday because of snow; hopefully going tonight will help get me back into a better mental place.

Although I haven't been able to delete that many sticky notes, the ones that are gone are some of the bigger ones. I will leave to run errands in about half an hour, and then a lot of them will disappear.

For now, though, I'm back in bed with my feet on a hot water bottle, hoping my toes thaw.

I am loving the new Black Widow book, and sometimes I think I like Katie-Kate better than Clint in Hawkeye. Anyway, a good comic day. Now I should probably tackle reading before TKD, and then I'll be in good shape to get everything done today.

And that's it. Tomorrow I go back to work. I really, really, REALLY don't want to go.
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