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We got a bit of snow last night, and we have a winter weather advisory in my county (and only my county...) until 6 pm. Luckily, I don't have anywhere to be!

Yes, there are blank sticky notes on here. It's so I have a place to put some costume-related tasks once I made the Costume To Do list. So this will be a bit of a work-in-progress all day today, both in the creating and the deleting.

Comcast called back and decided to have me do all of the same things I did yesterday which didn't work. I'm not even trying to be patient with them anymore; it's just asinine. Taking the same series of steps over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.

Just set up an appointment for a tech to come out. That is where this is all going to end up anyway. Just do it now and save us all a lot of aggravation.

Now my day has been derailed AGAIN because I'm going to spend the next several hours pissed off instead of productive. Oh, and also waiting for them to call back to see if their latest attempts at resolution have fixed anything. (Spoilers: They haven't.)

Yes, it's only been an hour but since I actually filled in the blank sticky notes I am updating again.

Also? Comcast hasn't called. I'm going to manage to get myself calmed down and absorbed in something else, and then they're going to call, and I might just decide to rip them a new one.

I ended up calling Comcast since they still hadn't called me back after almost three hours, and what do you know, they're going to send a tech out! Now why couldn't they have set that up YESTERDAY when I ASKED THEM TO after the FIRST HOUR OF POINTLESS TROUBLESHOOTING?!

Hopefully this entire saga will end on Wednesday, 1-3 pm, but we'll see.

And I just read the instructions on the leather dye, and it says not for use on suede, which means I can't dye the bits of my black boots that are brown and I can't do the shooting glove, either. Or, well, I can take a chance on the glove, but I'm not sure what will happen. I may just decide to do something else for that... we'll see.

Once again, I didn't get everything done that I meant to... maybe tomorrow.


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