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Work opened late today - 9:30 am. I am not there. Why? Because I would have needed to leave around 8 am in order to get in there for 9:30 am. At that time, my road was still not plowed.

Oh wait... it's 10:30 am and my road is still not plowed. This is honestly unusual, but when I called in I didn't even pretend that I was calling in sick. I told them that there was literally no physical way for me to get to work. And there isn't. Driving over an inch or two of unplowed snow, maybe up to three, sure... My car has all wheel drive and presumably the larger roads would be a bit better. Driving over somewhere upwards of 4"? Not happening. Not even in a Subaru.

Although the snow seems to have mostly stopped, we're holding off on shoveling for a few more hours because I really don't want the sleet/freezing rain on the pavement, creating sheets of ice. Also, as mentioned, they haven't plowed, so if we shovel and then they plow... we have to go shovel again. We may end up just doing the driveway and front walk, and leaving the other sidewalks for tomorrow. We'll see.

You'll notice that there's nothing that involves leaving the house. I don't plan to go to TKD, even if the nasty weather has stopped, and I downloaded my comics so I don't have to try to make it to the shop. I'll go tomorrow to get the paper copies.

So... I definitely need to actually focus on getting stuff done. On the plus side, the shoveling is done, and much quicker than expected, because neighbors on both sides decided not to stop at their property lines, and instead drove their snowblowers right up to the edges of our driveway, and one even cleared the end of it. They saved us hours of work, and all for a smile and a thank you.

There really are still good people out there. With my job, it's easy to forget, but little things like this really help restore my faith in humanity.
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